Chapelier Fou is a french musician with a career that now leads him around the world, it didn't take long for him to impose his mixture of electronic and classical instrumentation, resulting in one of the most curious musical hybrids of the last few years. Behind those refined and catchy melodies hides a surprising complexity and a rare writing work that few artists can achieve these days.

Ici, d'ailleurs... ("Here, there..." in French) is an independent record label based in Nancy, France and established by Stéphane Grégoire in 1997 from his associative label "Sine Terra Firma". It is mainly involved with production, publishing, booking and pressing.

Lab212 is a Paris based interdisciplinary art collective, cofounded in 2008 by some friends. The collective design and produce sound and visual interactive installations, that unfold at different scales (from object to urban project). By their sensible, poetic and tangible approach, they try to empower people and cast a different light on the technology surrounding our daily life. Lab212’s lines of enquiry include exploration, appropriation and narration.